Gwen Stefani & Eve Vs. Snoop Dogg Vs. ZZ Top - Hot Rich Girls Dropped In A Grange

Part 3, final part of the "Rich Girl" Trilogy: G.Stef get´s joined by "Snooooooooooooop"´s latest "Drop it like it´s hot" on an absolute classic by The Beards: "La grange". Play this to your dads, they´ll love it!


Gwen Stefani & Eve Vs. Step Three - A Rich Girl´s Dream

Part 2 of the "Rich Girl" Trilogy: Gwen Stef on a JazzDance - Classic this time: "A Dream" by Step Three. Gives it some speed!


Gwen Stefani & Eve Vs. Usher Vs. 10 CC - I Don´t Like Rich Girls

Part 1 of the "Rich Girl" Trilogy: Gwen Stefani´s Version of the song on 10CC´s reggae classic "Dreadlock Holiday" with some "Yeahs" from Usher thrown in. Not a genre clash if you take it too serious, but it works well and in addition I wanted to use 10CC for a long time already - this was THE opportunity ...


Les Rythmes Digitales Vs. Various - Walk Your Crazy Strikin Dancin Body

One to play loud in the clubs: "Jacques Your Body", the track by Les Rythmes Digitales which recently gained much popularity by the peugeot TV ad, mashed with vocals from Was not Was (Walk The Dinosaur), Seal (Crazy), Black Box (Strike it up) and Snap (Rhythm is a dancer). It´s already on Loo & Placido´s playlist ...





Shannon Vs. The Rasmus - Let The Shadows Play

Originally only included in the "December Bar Mix" which was available online only for two weeks or so. It´s "Let The Music Play" from Shannon (using the acapella and some parts of the Re-Mix) on finnish Goth Rockers The Rasmus´ hit "In The Shadows".


Gwen Stefani Vs. Nothing To Fear - Nothing To Wait For

Again Gwen Stefani´s "What You´re Waiting For". First mixed live one night, afterwards produced in the studio with cutting the instrumental and adding some FX on Gwen.


Gwen Stefani Vs. Phatt Dogg - Is This What You´re Waiting For

Gwen Stefani´s massive hit "What You´re Waiting For" on funky "Is This Love" by Phatt Dog. One for the dancefloor ...




Destiny´s Child Vs. Booka Shade - Lose Cha Breath

Listening to the New Booka Shade Album "Memento" I discovered this Track "Cha". Fits for a cool electro break house version of Destiny´s Child "Lose My Breath". Added some FX to make the one chord - originals sound more interesting ...


JLo Vs. Betty Boo Vs. Andreas Johnson - Glorious Waiting Nowhere Baby

JLo´s "Waiting For Tonight" on Betty Boo´s "Where Are You Baby" with some "Glorious" from Andreas Johnson. Unfortunately the quality´s not the best. Maybe I´ll redo it if it gets a million-downloader ... hehe.


Harlem Gospel Singers Vs. Deep Dish - Oh Happy Flash Dance Day

Well known Gospel "Oh Happy Day" on Deep Dish´s "Flash Dance". This one´s so-and-so. It resulted out of a live mix with the ´Pella one weekend. It could perhaps work quite well in a house set - with all its breaks...




Ram Jam Vs. C&C Music Factory - Gonna Make Betty Sweat

Perhaps my most popular bootleg so far. Ram Jam´s Black Betty got back on many dance floors and radio stations by pairing it with Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C&C Music Factory ...


available on vinyl very soon !


Cameo Vs. The Rasmus - Shadows Up

One Of The Greatest Dance Funk Hits of all times mashed with one of the latest Rock Classics.



Black Eyed Peas Vs. Dante Thomas Vs. The Cure - Why Can´t I Be Retarded

Of course I would have liked to "Get it Started", but in lack of the ´Pella - well now it´s high-speed Peas coming through your speakers - getting retarded in the middle ! - Enjoy it ...

Tears For Fears Vs. Lulu & The Lovers Vs. A Very Good Friend Of Mine - Shout Just Round

The 80´s , the 60´s and the late 90´s brought up to survive in the 21st. ...

Lenny Kravitz vs. The Eagles - Believe In A Californian Hotel

Fooling around with the famous DJ software "Native Instruments Traktor Studio" I got this romantic one for chilling after the party with a nice person.

Beyonce vs. Tomayasu Hotei - Crazy Battle With A Lot Of Love

I Wanted A Monumental sounding Intro Song - but with the option to fill the dancefloor at once. Never thought you could get a tune which fulfills all a DJ´s dreams !

Whitney Houston vs. Young MC: Bust A Dance With Somebody

I tried with another instrumental tune first which resulted in a boring version after 1`30". This one´s better !



Anastacia vs. Claudio Mangione: Outta Mondo Grande

Taken out of a live DJ-Set which I recorded on HDD. You could perhaps notice it because Anastacia´s 2nd verse is too long for the instrumental. The Crash Cymbal comes 1 bar before she starts with the chorus and so the bass line stops 1 bar too early later on. Does it matter ? - No, no one complained so far.

Nelly Furtado vs. Dr. Alban: Powerless Hallelujah

Dr. Alban´s "Sing Hallelujah" is a big big dance classic - still heard a lot. I put Nelly Furtado´s Chorus on the Intro once during a live DJ-Set - an what can I say - it matches perfectly !



Pink vs. Kiss: I Was Made To Start The Party

Here again one night I mixed the Pink Acapella live on the Intro of the Kiss track. Didn´t fit with the scale then but the harmonies matched. But don´t worry: I fixed that in this nice mash-up.

Ricky Martin vs. Safri Duo: Maria is alive

I originally mixed it live one night (Ricky Martin´s Percapella Mix on Safri Duo´s Original Version) and the crowd went that mad that I decided to make it fix to be able to reproduce it whenever I wanted to.



Yazoo vs. The Knack: Don´t Go Sharona

I Love The Original 8 minute 12" of the Yazoo Track, but here you can hear how to turn Alison Moyet into a screaming Rock Bitch !

Baby Bash vs. After The Fire: Nineteen Eighty Sugar

After The Fire had a big Hit in Germany with this instrumental TV Theme "198F", now it finally gives Baby Bash´s "Sugar Sugar" some speed. Only some ?!??


Chemical Brothers vs. Various: The Weird Medley

One of the first mash-ups I did back in 1999/2000. Took the groove out of this Chemical Brothers Mix-Album and added some acapellas and loops in Acid: "Ghetto Superstar" (Pras), "Kiss" (Prince), "How Gee" (Black Machine), "Sing Hallelujah" (Dr. Alban), "Oh What A Night" (Earth, Wind And Fire)